Bubba Edmonds
Bubba Edmonds is the most dynamic athlete on the face of the planet. Bear witness as this unique athlete makes his bid for the 2012 Olympics in London as a Decathlete for team USA.

Do YOU sprint 100 meters in 10.8 seconds?
Do YOU high jump 7 feet?
Do YOU pole vault 17 feet?
Do YOU long jump 24 feet?
Do YOU shot put 40 feet?
Do YOU throw down a 360 dunk?
Do YOU swim 50 meters in 30 second?
Do YOU have a 40 inch vertical jump?
Do YOU have a degree in Micro Biology?
Do YOU run a mile under 5 minutes?
Do YOU have a black belt in karate?
Do YOU back flip from a hand-stand?

...Bubba Does

Bubba Edmonds Latest News
  • October 8, 2011 - Bubba travels to Las Vegas for the Red Rock 5K. Bubba will represent Ryno Running by signing autographs and meeting with fans.